Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Species bureaucrats

Something funny I noticed whilst browsing around today here. If you don't get it, there's 6 (5 if you don't count Maxim) RfBs up, and they are all passing!!! Not only this, they are proposing *gasp* that all admins should be bureaucrats! Wow, oh wow! This is the kind of thing that certain individuals would retire over on English Wikipedia should such a thing be implemented. I mean, gosh, RfAs and user renames might get done a bit faster! It sounds dreadful! I wrote a short essay here that I think everyone should read. Basically, it sums up how it is easier to be a bureaucrat than an admin. I am a bureaucrat on Meta-wiki (amazing I know...) and trust me, it means basically nothing. I mean, it's Meta-wiki, hardly one of the major wikis (although we do host a lot of potential WP:BEANS pages). But if someone was to propose all admins became bureaucrats, I'd strongly support it. Bureaucratship is not a big deal at all, and those that think it is need to get their facts straight. If we trust someone as an admin, we can trust them as a bcrat, simple as that.


pfctdayelise said...

Bureaucratship is a bigger deal because if they do something dumb, you need a steward to undo it. If an admin does something dumb another admin can undo it.

I'm pretty sure Spanish Wikipedia has routinely made all admins bureaucrats as well, and clearly the sky hasn't fallen in over there.

Alex said...

Then, get a steward to undo it! :) There are also several things that admins cannot undo easily (I won't say what...) Yes, Spanish Wikipedia works well. Smaller Wikis like Species would be able to do this successfully, I reckon. But not English Wikipedia.