Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Last night I took part in a Skypecast for NotTheWikipediaWeekly, a newish "rival" to Wikipedia Weekly. I saw took part, but spoke about perhaps 10 words. It was mostly dominated by Sue Gardner giving us her side of the latest foundation scandal (as suggested on Danny Wool's blog). I suggested afterwards to Privatemusings that we had both Danny and Sue on together - would be pretty interesting, as one of them is clearly not telling us the real facts, and as was pointed out, Danny is a pretty respected person (or was at one point). What could possibly be gained by lying about issues like Jimmy and the foundation credit card, and his personal love life?

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John said...

Better question: What is gained by posting if it's true? Does it help the encyclopedia? I'm sure people feel it was justified but I really don't see a point other than creating moar drama.