Saturday, 24 January 2009


I have often thought about creating my own website, and hosting this blog under my own domain name. I first created my own website, as far as I can tell, on 5 October 2002. It's still in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and I very helpfully put a "created site" date on it. I won't link to it, because I created it when I was naive and thoughtless with regards to my personal information, but it is extremely plain, created using HTML, no special effects, and includes pages about Disney films and the Simpsons. Pretty much, it looks just awful today in the world of Web 2.0. Obviously my ICT skills have improved much since, but I have to wonder if it is really worth creating a site about me. I have to wonder, do people actually care? I don't have a lot of hobbies: most of my time is either spent on the internet on Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube or Yahoo Answers, or else I'm studying. Apart from this blog (and of course my Facebook profile), I don't put anything about myself on to the web. Not because of fear of stalkers or for want of privacy, but because I don't think people actually care who I am. You'll notice that I haven't created a profile on Blogger, and I tend to keep information about me on Wikipedia to a minimum (I don't use my real name, don't give my age, though I do give my general location and there are pictures of me on Commons from various meetups). I have often thought about being really open - there are some that list all their phone numbers and their home and work address, as well as giving their full name. It would be nice, but I think to myself, what's the point? Would people look at me any differently? Would they care who Majorly really is? That's why I don't create my own website. I don't think people care enough, and I don't particularly either.


Pedro on wiki said...

The protection of privacy is something we need to consider, but equally we are foolish if we think that anyone determined enough cannot get to it. My son is 3 and he has a website with images of him on it - simply so that we can easily show relatives in other countries some pictures.

Let us not be afraid of the communication revolution - instead embrace it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its best not to give out any personal information, especially if you're a minor. (I know that Majorly is not a child.) But I also don't think it is bad if anyone wants to reveal a little bit about themselves online. I also agree that most people wouldn't care much about other people online, unless it was someone familiar or if he/she happened to be a "famous" internet celebrity.

--stay sic!