Thursday, 5 June 2008

Stuff that happens on Wikipedia but rarely in real life

Some words and phrases

1. non notable
2. has good judgement
3. I echo the above
4. Per
5. Per above
6. As nominator
7. drama (when referring to arguing)
8. trolling
9. do you have a reference? A reliable one?
10. RFA spam
11. mass welcoming
12. machine editing
13. thought process

There are plenty more, please leave them in the comments. You know you want to.

Stuff you do but would never in real life:

1. Warn a vandal (for smashing up your car)
2. Sign your name with ~~~
3. Click edit to talk
4. Click edit to do anything
5. Rollback any mistakes you make
6. Ban people you don't like from your house/land/office/school/workplace
7. Punish vandals by blocking them for 24 hours (block being down in a police cell)
8. Ensure that when you're writing, Section Headers Do Not Have Capital Letters
9. Make italics with two apostrophies (and bold with three)
10. Always write vote with a pointless exclamation mark before it. It really makes all the difference.

Can you think of anymore?